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Shooting Practice Multiplied!For dedicated players the results are unbelievable! Give your kids the edge to far exceed their potential!
Build Confidence - Shooting increases dramatically after seeing 500 shots snap the net in 30 minutes.
Muscle Memory - With the concentrated repetition, you'll see marked improvement in strength and accuracy, there is no substitution for good repetition.
Shoot with Arch - Proven to be the best tool available to teach shooting with arch. Net height adjusts from 8-13 feet.
Construction - Designed for outdoor use (but can be used inside.) Heavy duty welded steel frame. Galvanized steel tubing and waterproof clear view nets.
Great Buy- Do not under-estimate--great for any situation. Try using with a "Toss Back" type machine -- used with one of these will create any shooting outside that is needed in game situations. Call (800) 926-7710 or email for details.
Quick & easy set-up under any existing rim (8-10 feet high). In 45 seconds - Ready to go! No disassembly
Practice over 250 shots in 10 minutes
• Get the benefits of unbeatable repetition
• Rapid-fire shooting from any spot
• Balls returned to any spot or alternate sides
• Tracks swivel from baseline to baseline
• Improve shooting with an arch
• Measure success with return ball counter
• Options: Order basic unit to use under any existing goal 8-10 feet high. Order with removable backboard and rim to form a sturdy, freestanding shooting station with height adjustable from 9-10 feet. (Specify for custom 8-10 foot rim).