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The Original Shoot-A-Way

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Proven Success of over 1000 State High School Champions & over 200 NCAA Championships! -- Over 15,000 in use today!
More shooting practice in one day than most players get in one month!
Thousands of basketball shooters all over the world of basketball have benefited from this shooting aid. Because of it's concentrated shooting repetition, the Shoot-A-Way™ cuts practice by ¾ and in the off-season gives them 5 times more shooting practice than ever before possible.
Try using with a "Toss Back" type machine -- used with one of these will create any shooting outside that is needed in game situations. Call (800) 926-7710 or email for details.
Better Shooting through Better Practice!

Effective and Efficient Shooting Practice - Balls returned to any spot or alternate sides. Return balls to passer, for zone shooting, shots off picks, low post cuts, or 3-point shots. Practice any game-situation jump shots off the pass. A great shooting station.
The Open Gym Attraction - Two tracks extend from 15 to 20 feet. Tracks swivel for 180º shooting. Angle tracks to the wings to open up the paint, for drives or jump hooks. Use the track as the defender for jab-step work.
Shoot on the Move - Flip ball stops down and catch off the rack or off the bounce.
Improves Shooting Arch - To develop the highest percentage shooting arch. Best tool available for teaching arch. Adjustable Height Net from 8' to 13'
Off-Season Motivation - The Shoot-A-Way allows 1 player to come to the gym for intensive shooting practice. With the concentrated repetition, you will see a marked improvement in strength and accuracy, and after seeing 300 shots go through the hoop in 15 minutes, it can't help but build the shooter's confidence.
Easy Storage - The Shoot-A-Way folds easily for compact storage in seconds. No disassembly. Storage size: 6'8" X 28"
Lowest Price on the Market - Shipped to you fully assembled and ready to go! Orders shipped to you normally within 7 business days or less.