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Varsity Toss Back

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QUICKNESS - Toss Back is unequalled for developing quickness. Your players will see themselves improve day by day. REBOUNDING - Toss Back simulates the intensity of game conditions. Drills force the player to react & create the habit of keeping the ball high. CONCENTRATION - Toss Back demands accurate passes, reducing turnovers and errors. RHYTHM & TIMING - Toss Back forces players to develop individual skills, by constant repetition. It also develops strength & stamina. CONDITIONING - For any type of conditioning incorporating ball handling drills.
Toss Back adds to your Basketball Program:
• Develops Quickness
• Simulates Game Conditions
• Improves Control
• Encourages Concentration
• Develops Passing Accuracy
• Enhances Play Reaction
• Adds Dimension & Excitement

• Height is easily adjusted between 4' 5" to 7' 4¼" at the center of the net.
• Net frame (38"x51") angle is quickly positioned for different types of return passes.
• Built-in wheels allow the Varsity to be transported over long distances.
• Base locks securely using a foot brake lever.
• Heavy nets & rubber bands give long life & sharp returns.
• Booklet of basketball drills is included with each Varsity Toss Back.
• FREE VHS Toss Back Training Drills.
• One YEAR warranty on materials & workmanship.