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Winner's Choice was made famous by the former Coach Gary Wisener. His decades of experience have been instrumental in the promotion and instruction of coaching tools and videos. He is widely known throughout the coaching circuit to coaching clinics demonstrating The GUN, The Original Shoot-A-Way, The Home Court, all types of Return Machines, Legend Weight Equipment, and much more. Winner's Choice is a site devoted to assisting in the development of coaches and athletes in whatever sport they wish to excel.

While completing a coaching career that included winning in 4 sports - Basketball, Baseball, Football and Track - a grand total of 59 teams! Only 6 were under .500: 535 wins in Basketball; 101 wins in Baseball; 82 wins in Football; Track - several individuals who won state championships and 1 World Record Holder - over 720 wins in all sports. During his coaching career Coach Wisener started the basketball program at Kennesaw State University.

During the late 80's and 90's, Coach Wisener ordered The Shoot-A-Way (first to use in Georgia.) Coach Wisener knew from the first day, that this was the product of the future for basketball. He started attending coaching clinics - demonstrating The Shoot-A-Way (and later The Gun) while coaching sports. After retiring in the 90's, Coach Wisener developed and continued working with Shoot-A-Way and adding other great, reliable aids. Now 19 years after starting, Coach Wisener has developed a service that coaches and others can depend on without "smoke and mirrors."

After her retirement, Liz, Coach Wisener's wife joined the company as Vice President and 51% owner (naturally!) This makes not only the best source on the internet for reliable aids, but it is also majority owned by women!

We have been approached by many companies to show their products - but we only represent real useful aids.

Please call 1-800-926-7710 or email us at for close personal attention. As Gary says, "Now that I've retired from coaching, I've got all the answers!"