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  1. What is the Scoreboard?
  2. Why does the Scoreboard cost $400?
  3. Is the Scoreboard worth it?
  4. How reliable is The Gun?
  5. How good is the 5 year warranty?
  6. How is the service?
  7. Bounce Pass - Can The Gun make a "Bounce Pass"?
  • QWhat is the Scoreboard?
    AIt is an attachment that counts shots, made shots and figures the percentage. It shows the figures instantly on an LED read-out on front of the machine. The shooter can see how he/she is doing as he/she is shooting.
  • QWhy does the Scoreboard cost $400?
    AIt requires expensive technology to count shots-vs-made shots and THEN figure the percentage and THEN show all this on LED instantly.
  • QIs the Scoreboard worth it?
    AIf part of your use of The Gun is to improve an individual's shooting - yes. If you're going to use The Gun for team drills - you can do without it.
  • QHow reliable is The Gun?
    AOver 10,000 in use today. 5 year warranty.
  • QHow good is the 5 year warranty?
    ABest in the industry. We will not let a Gun sit in a gym not working.
  • QHow is the service?
    ACustomer calls in and is satisfied by a 1-on-1 Service Technician - that day! Out of 10,000 ordered we have never had a Gun returned!
  • QBounce Pass - Can The Gun make a "Bounce Pass"?
    AWe COULD make The Gun throw bounce passes - the "Bounce Pass" is used mostly into THE POST. The real hard point of "Bounce Pass" is in passing not catching. We choose to keep it simple and make the pass used 95% of the time. We can make The Gun duplicate most passes - we've concentrated on what 8 years and over 10,000 Guns have demonstrated - Ball return for repetition and arch! Bounce Pass, Alley Oop, Guard-to-Guard, are all "Smoke and Mirrors."