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The Gun 6000

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This "Catch and Shoot" machine is the greatest aid for shooting a basketball ever invented! Imagine shooting 1000 shots in 40-45 minutes--all kinds of shots--3 pointers; shooting off the dribble; shooting after "skip" pass; shooting after "kick out: pass FREE Throws, everything but "lay ups".
The 3 basic elements of shooting are: 1. form 2. arch and 3. repetition. The Gun 6000 gives you arch and repetition, the player practices good form (technique).
While the Gun 6000 is used all over the world--it's made right here in America (Ohio). Nearly 8000 are in use today by great shooters and future great shooters at all levels.  We've never had 1 (not one!) returned! 8000 satisfied customers!


The New 6000 Series Basic Model Includes:
• Free 5 Year Warranty
• Free Custom Colors
• Free Logo, You Furnish Art
• Free 40 Drill Tape
• Small Totalizer Counter
• Rolls through any door
• Setup in 30 seconds
• Adjustable high net
• Adjustable throw 15-35 feet
• Throws to one spot or rotates around
• Rotates while it returns balls or moves to ten spots while throwing

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